About Brooke

Brooke has a passion for unique natural gemstones, hand selecting each one for their individual fire and color. This passion translates into original creations that are shaped by each gemstone and enhanced by the finest craftsmanship to honor the beauty of this finite gift from nature.

Combining a sophisticated and earthy palette, Brooke's unmistakeable use of color makes her jewelry truly unique.  Each year Brooke focuses on evolving traditional techniques, working with a small group of fine craftsmen in London and Los Angeles to create items of fine jewelry that are truly her own.

“The longer I am in the field of jewelry the more respect I try to offer the stones I work with and cherish the idea that jewelry has so many different meanings and purposes for the wearer. Influenced by my textile background and watercolor paintings, my collections are an homage to the different symbols jewelry can hold and the strong women who wear them”

In addition to her seasonal Fine Jewelry collections, Brooke’s signature Astrology necklaces with diamond constellations and hand woven Silk Gemstone bracelets with 18k gold or silver chain form the backbone of Brooke's layering style. These classic pieces allow customers to add to their look over time by combining and layering jewelry that best reflects their own personality.

Brooke continues to work from her studios in both Shoreditch, London and Venice, California creating fine jewelry with her team of master craftsmen, made entirely in London and Los Angeles and stocked in fine boutiques internationally.